Auction House: (540) 742-1239 / Consignments & Complimentary Consultations : (202) 336-2158

Pick Up & Shipping

Pickup Instructions

Please call our warehouse to arrange for pickups – 540-742-1239. 

Our standard pickup hours are M-F 9am to 4pm. Times requested outside of the standard hours may incur an additional fee. Please be prepared for your pickup. We do not provide packing materials or loading services unless it has been pre-arranged.

For locating our Warehouse on GPS, use this address – East Luray Shopping Center, Luray, VA 22835 – you will see our signs Hunt and Peck Estate Services on the shopping center sign and above our entrance.

Shipper List

These shippers have performed satisfactorily for our clients in the past.
We appreciate your feedback on these shippers or any that you recommend. 

Luray Postal Business Hub, Tom Wilkins, 540-860-4799 

  • Standard shipping up to truck load out of Luray, VA 

 All in the Family Movers, Jamie, 201-921-6868 

  • USA coast to coast  

 Steve Turner, 419-283-8203, 

  • Serving the East Coast 

RB Shipping LLC, 404-524-9122, 

  • USA coast to coast, based in Atlanta 

Coast to Coast Shippers

Cole Logistics, Terrence Cole, 410-500-3905 

  • Based in Baltimore, MD 

DAMM Movers, Megan Ledenican, 404-313-5833

  • Based in Roanoke, VA 

Dusk till Dawn Transport, Chet DiNiro, 484-788-2366,

Global Service, Alex Best, 571-230-0738  

Grid Moving, Malcolm Garza, 210-315-2043 

  • Based in Texas 

JHS Shipping, Jonathan – 518-705-9991, Chad – 936-398-0018 

King’s Transport, 717-288-5619 

Mara Transportation LLC, Zaynara Cuadrou, 816-715-0319 

Mint Condition Trucking, 877-466-8266  

MKD Logistics, Michael Lira, 973-332-6039, 

Nick’s Moving and Delivery, 754-366-5018, 

NSA Transfer, Robert Bardwell, 703-850-0309 

Pull Up and Go Transportation LLC, 678-300-8992, 

Total Transport, 585-406-6317 

Victorious Transportation LLC, Adrian, 323-667-6664 

Yoni’s Moving LLC, 434-409-9046 

  • Based in Charlottesville, VA

East Coast Shippers

D&M Shipping, Don Deuel, 202-640-3799, 

  • Connecticut to VA 

East Coast Express, Nicholas, 973-803-6057, 973-388-3847 

East of the Mississippi, 215-791-4226

  • Services PA, NJ, Delaware, MD, VA, NC, WV, Connecticut, RI, Maine, NY 

IMS Inv., 703-751-6400

  • Based in Alexandria, VA 

S&J Transport, 315-576-0685, 315-576-0684

  • Based in Texas 

Walter Janes, 603-667-5040

  • Based in New Hampshire 

Warren Tyler, 610-322-9818, 

  • Based in New Orleans – New Orleans to the West and all of East Coast 

Midwest Shippers

Exclusive Distriution, John Thompson, 704-606-2931, 

  • North and South through the Midwest